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LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator
  • LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator
  • LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator
  • LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator
  • LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator
  • LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator

LPG Dual Fuel Honda EU22i Door Mounted 2.2kw Generator

Prod Code: 5000-HOND2-19002
The new super silent Honda EU22i replaces the Honda EU20i. LPG propane gas / Petro...


The new super silent Honda EU22i replaces the Honda EU20i. LPG propane gas / Petrol Dual fuel Unit. Up to 50% reduction in fuel costs and CO2 emissions when operating on LPG. Fully detachable door mounted LPG conversion kit with thumbscrew removable fitting.

Compact, quiet, lightweight and reliable. The Honda EU range has the ability to power even the most sensitive electronic equipment by means of inverter controlled output. 

The Honda EU22i delivers 2200 watts of portable, clean and low noise power. Its super quiet operation, means it is the perfect leisure generator, whilst also being suited to proffesional applications. This compact unit is powerful enough for all kinds of tasks, whether you are abroad in a motorhome or caravan, in need of a emergency back up when theres a power cut, or a market trader in need of continuous super silent power supply. 

The enclosed suitcase type casing keeps noise down to just 52 decibels. And the unique Ecothrottle means the engine only runs as fast as the load demands, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and noise reduction. Hondas engine auto-decompression makes the pull start amongst the easiest of all generators and rubber feet take out any buzzing vibration to the floor.

*BBQ connecter available with this kit - Bullfinch type.

Output technology Inverter
Type Single phase
Maximum output (W)2200
Rated output (W)1800
Rated voltage (V)230
Rated frequency (Hz)50
Rated current (A)7.8
DC rated output 12V / 8A
Engine modelGXR120
Engine type4-stroke OHV 1 cylinder
Displacement (cm³)121
Bore × stroke (mm)56 x 40
Engine speed (rpm)5000 max
Cooling systemForced air
Ignition systemTransistor
Oil capacity (L)0.4
Fuel tank capacity (L)3.6
Operating time at rated3h30
Starter systemRecoil
Noise Level (1/4 load) (dB(a)@7M) 52
Sound pressure level at workstation (dB(A))71
Guaranteed sound power level (dB(A))89
Fuel typeUnleaded petrol or LPG Propane
Petrol Usage at 75%(L/H) 0.93
LPG propane Usage at 75% (Kg/H) 0.4

Why should I choose a LPG Dual Fuel option instead of petrol or diesel?

An LPG dual fuel option refers to the conversion of petrol engine to run on either LPG or petrol. Petrol engines weigh less, produce lower emissions and are inexpensive to purchase, in comparison to diesel engines. Although, they have much higher running costs. Diesels are more fuel efficient, but weigh more, produce much greater emissions and are comparitively more expensive to purchase.

LPG essentially enables the user to purchase a lower costing, lighter, lower emission petrol engine and also have the low running costs of a diesel. Advantages include;

•Up to 50% reduction in running costs in comparison to petrol
•60% lower CO2 emissions in comparison to petrol allows a more environmentally friendly operation.
•Due to the lower carbon content of LPG, consumables such as spark plugs and oil have extended life.
•Running times can be extended with the use of larger LPG bottles.
•Safer to use, as LPG avoids the hazard of having to refill a hot engine with highly flammable fuel.
•An LPG conversion means there is no danger of fuel contamination or fuel going stale in the carburettor, a common problem with petrol.
•Re-fuelling is made easier, as the user simply needs to re-connect a new cylinder bottle

What is a Door Mounted LPG Kit?

The ‘door mount’ refers to the low pressure regulator (the round silver regulator), which is mounted to the door of a suitcase type generator. It is a fully detachable LPG kit that can be removed with thumbscrew fitting. It is supplied with a quick release coupling situated at the base of the generator, which enables seperation of the generator from the LPG kit for easy transportation. A BBQ type LPG fitting can be fitted to this type of kit, this allows the user to run the generator from a motorhome / caravan BBQ LPG point

What is an Inverter Generator?

In this type of generator, the electrical output is controlled by an inverter. This has two main functions. It supplies high quality clean power that is safe to use sensitive electronic loads such as laptops and televisions. These appliances require stable electricity to operate correctly and consistently. They also provide economic fuel consumption. The generator will remain at idle speed until a load is sensed, then automatically control its engine speed corresponding to the required power consumption of equipment being connected to the generator.

Can I run my engine on Butane or a Propane / Butane mixture?

LPG can be propane, butane or a mixture. Because propane is the most common LPG type in the UK, we have designed this kit with a jet size to run on Propane gas only. This allows the kit to run perfectly with no adjustments, when operating on propane. On request, we can supply the kit with an adjustable jet allowing the user to adjust the mixture according to their specific fuel type.

My LPG bottle connection is different. Can a LPG regulator be supplied to fit my european LPG bottle?

For international customers, we can only supply this LPG kit with one type of european bottle regulator connection. Unfortunately, each country uses a different bottle connection to to fit LPG bottles and therefore it is very difficult for us to supply a bottle connection for each country. If this does not suit your LPG bottle, then we can supply the LPG kit with no bottle regulator. Then you should be able source the regulator locally that matches the LPG bottle in your country and easily connect it to the kit.

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Please click the link below to download the 'LPG Operating Instructions'

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